For Men

Erectile Disinfection: This may be due to aging, clogged blood veins/vessels – diabetes, relationship, stress, failure harmonies physical problems, a new mixture of herbal medicine (Yima Super Combo) from African high lands can help solve your problem. NB! Row sex drive, premature ejaculations, night sweat, week penis, small penis, short penis, lack of endurance, vapidity, spernatorrhea, involuntary emission, feeble emission, drooping desire, aching waist and knees, my asthenia of limbs, dizziness, ear ringing, weak health, frequent nutria , and other symptoms caused by kidney deficiency.


Main Ingredients For Yima Super Combo:

  • ginseng
  • hairy anklet
  • gendarme lucid am
  • wolfberry fruit
  • saffron
  • broom ape
  • atonality
  • Tortoise plastron
  • Seahorse penis
  • Snow dear penis
  • Tibetan  donkey penis
  • Tibetan  goat penis
  • Tiger penis
  • and dog penis.



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